Saturday, June 26, 2010


While falling asleep the other day i noticed that as i fluctuated between being awake and asleep i started having what i assume are auditory hallucinations. These hallucinations are not usual for me because never have i been so focused on my thoughts while falling asleep. The hallucinations were in a woman's voice. Two words come forth separately clear in their sound several seconds apart. Instantly after the first word was heard i knew that this was a hallucination, and with that i knew that i have given this (realization that in fact a hallucination occurred) too much thought and my delicate level of being asleep and awake was in jeopardy. With much anxiety alarmingly a second hallucination sounds with the same voice and distinction. It's a shame i forgot what she told me in those two precious words it would have been rather interesting to know. I guess 5 a.m. is to late of a time to remember much. To my alarm i was not the slightest bit afraid yet feeling quite welcoming. I wonder what sleep conducts to our brain in it's entirety. oddly i recall waking up to the sound of a gunshot or loud scream in the past with no evidence of such occurring. I have no known psychological problems nor was i under the influence of any drugs or narcotics.